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EDUCare Token is an Ethereum-based token launched in 2017 on a multi-chain DApp development platform.

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What Is EDUCare?

EDUCare Token is an Ethereum-based token launched in 2017 on a multi-chain DApp development platform. It belongs to a project committed to democratizing education by building an online community around it. EDUCare aims to provide fair education for everyone through its platform with the help of blockchain technology. 

Shortened for EKT, EDUcare is a token governing a multi-chain, multi-consensus, high-performance cryptocurrency chain. It uses Smart Contracts and enables faster transactions with these contracts, and it has been focused on meeting the needs of the business world. The token is used as a means of payment within the platform, as well as a point of access to the platform’s key features. 

Pros and Cons of EDUCare

Advantages of EDUCare

EDUCare has built an online education community around pursuing the goal of leveraging blockchain technology to digitize learning and lower the cost of education, as well as the threshold of high-quality education resources. It also protects intellectual property rights in the field so EKT can serve as a means of increasing transparency, trust, and collaboration in the education field. It has entered the field relatively untouched by blockchain since many projects focus on the financial field instead. EKT is comparatively cheap to buy for inexperienced users to test the waters in the crypto world. It also has its own wallet to safely store the EKT tokens. The token has a clear purpose and can become the leader under suitable circumstances.

Disadvantages of EDUCare

The major part of EKT tokens is currently held by whales. The token is only traded on a few exchanges. If it wants to be endorsed by major exchanges it needs exposure which the developers don’t seem to be so keen on. The project and the token are less known in the Western world. At the moment, you also can’t use the website. The token had a major boom in its price in 2019 and was once in 89th place, but now it trades among the 1000s. According to the project’s Twitter, the last post is dated November 2019, which raises the question of whether the project is active at all since it used to have weekly updates previously. It would be unfortunate to see the project come to an end which is the case with many new cryptos.

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