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DATA is a cryptocurrency on an eponymous data authentication protocol based on a blockchain.

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What Is DATA?

DATA is a cryptocurrency on an eponymous data authentication protocol based on a blockchain. The goal of the project is to solve a number of issues that reduce the effectiveness of advertising. There is a current problem in the market, where the players of the digital ecosystem do not trust each other, generating a possible fraud. Thus, there is the limitation of centralized Internet advertising, where the middle layer will grow and create loopholes for bad players who want to manipulate the ecosystem just for profit. Currently, more than 40% of online ad traffic is bots, which means an expense that costs advertisers about 16 billion a year. Another problem that exists is the low reward to users for each ad, which causes 600 million devices to use ad blocking, reducing the efficiency of the ecosystem. DATA (DTA) guarantees that each participant of the ecosystem of a platform is motivated to "do good", and the DATA platform creates a reward system to incentivize its members.

The solution that DATA offers to all these problems is mainly an Ad flow, which includes advertisers, networks, publishers, developers, and users. The data flow is also part of the solution where the user's device can perform as P2P mobile storage, where the SDK protocol transforms individual devices into M3 nodes. And finally, the flow of tokens from the DATA network to users, publishers, and developers, where DTA tokens are issued in order to reward each of these members in a good way. Information flows from advertisers and ad networks to publishers and then reach the end users. Due to the use of blockchain, the probability of fraud is reduced to zero.

Pros and Cons of DATA

Advantages of DATA

The project definitely looks promising. Users can receive rewards for broadcasting advertisements on the network and there is no binding to a specific browser. DATA also has quite a strong team. There are people who have gathered with experience in IT, personnel management, and also successful businessmen in the key leadership positions. ​DATA also has a large number of strategic and innovative partners. This ensures hope that the development strategy will be formulated and implemented correctly.

Disadvantages of DATA

The idea is roughly the same as that of the Brave browser and BAT cryptocurrency and some may consider DATA to be a clone of Brave. In order to stay afloat, the cryptocurrency needs to provide better solutions than its competitors. The news section on the website dates back to 2018 and there hasn’t been an update ever since. It leads the users to believe that the project lost its momentum.

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