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Dent is the world's first digital and global operator running on blockchain, powered by the Dent token.

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What Is Dent?

Dent is the world's first digital and global operator running on blockchain. The project, powered by the Dent token, aims to deconstruct and revolutionize the world's mobile data industry. Decentralization of mobile communications offered by Dent developers helps reduce the cost of mobile operators' services. Users are able to get the required traffic package at a favorable price. This requires providers to create more competitive tariffs and allow subscribers to significantly reduce their costs for purchasing content. The DENT token is a universal currency powering the ecosystem and is utilized in every transaction on the network. Through the DENT ecosystem, users can buy, sell, and donate their unused mobile data.

Pros and Cons of Dent

Advantages of Dent

Mobile data and communication are vital and being the first one in the field is always of great assistance for Dent. It gives Dent an immediate head start and the opportunity to influence other similar projects, as well as set trends in the field. Dent is traded on a wide range of exchanges and is endorsed by entities like Binance. It can show off with a robust community of more than 25 million people and a network of 226 mobile operators in 142 countries and counting. Since there are no roaming fees with Dent, it also contributes to the process of globalization, enhanced with the security and safety of the blockchain technology.

Disadvantages of Dent

Dent currently has a large concentration by large holders, meaning that the vast majority of coins is presently held in the hands of “whales”. They can influence the market but the biggest determining factor for Dent token is still its dependence on the project itself. Dent is also in constant confrontation with the telecom industry which won’t give up easily on its lucrative market.

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