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What Is Streamr DATAcoin?

DATA is an ERC-20 token powering Streamr – an open-source infrastructure project for decentralized data sharing. Streamr was launched in 2017 to promote free data trade, as opposed to data hoarding by private companies. The project features a marketplace for the user-collected data and a technical framework for managing, publishing and processing this data. 

Streamr is designed to help users take ownership of their own information - and earn money in the process. It allows them to publish data products, which can consist of one or several data streams (sequences of real-time data), to the marketplace, either to be available only to subscribers, or for free. Users can also form or join Data Unions – crowdsourced data projects, where all the participants get a share of the profits. Besides, users can participate in decentralized governance of the network.

Streamr utilizes a more or less standard subscription model, which means buyers pay to access some content for a chosen amount of time. All the transactions in the marketplace are made using the native DATA currency, which is in active circulation on exchanges with total supply around 1 billion. Starting in 2022, it will also be used as an incentive for running a “broker node”, helping facilitate the network’s normal function.

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