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Contentos is a utility token of the eponymous ecosystem. Its idea is to solve problems regarding the distribution and consumption of digital content.

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What Is Contentos?

Contentos is a utility token of the eponymous ecosystem. Its idea is similar to Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser – to create a platform that will solve all the problems regarding the distribution and consumption of digital content. More specifically, how nowadays creators get a small cut of financial rewards when doing most of the work, the issue of copyright claims and stolen content, and ads that oftentimes don’t reach the target audience. Contentos brings the power back to the people since the platform is based on trust transparency and values content creators and consumers. The viewers are rewarded with Contentos tokens for their attention and engaging with the platform as in liking and commenting on the videos. The reputation system makes sure the content is of high quality. Contentos also has its own wallet or can be stored on any ERC-20 compatible wallet and there is no mining of the Contentos token.

Pros and Cons of Contentos

Advantages of Contentos

With Contentos, everyone has complete control over one’s digital footprint and, good or bad, it is stored forever, which is not the case with traditional platforms where a website can get deleted with all people’s contributed content accumulated over time. Contentos helps people to be artistic and express themselves without having to worry about different minutia associated with creating content. It establishes a free market and inspires creativity in the community. Despite being a relatively young project, Contentos has climbed its way up to the top-400 cryptocurrencies in the world and has the potential to continue to do well further down the path. Contentos has gathered valuable investors and partners like Samsung Blockchain, Chainlink, Binance Labs, Atomic, and Trust wallets to name a few. The team also provides monthly updates for its project and has roadmap goals set out all the way to the third quarter of 2021.

Disadvantages of Contentos

The idea of Contentos is not new in itself. There are long-time players in the game like the BAT token, which have proven their success and reliability, and Contentos is relatively new compared to them. Since it is also a utility token used within the platform, it’s unclear whether it’s something worth investing in. Contentos token is also traded on a few exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, and Gate.io, so this area still needs expanding.

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