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What Is Blox?

Blox is an ERC-20 utility token on an eponymous platform. The project defines itself as specializing in accounting, tracking, and management adapted on blockchain. It is also a next-generation crypto portfolio and blockchain asset management platform that syncs the data of all the given wallets and exchanges into one account. The project goal is to lower barriers to entry into crypto investment by providing tools and services that ensure accessibility to all interacting, managing, and trading crypto assets. 

CDT is used as a discount token for businesses and enterprises on the platform. There’s a 50% discount for users willing to stake the CDT token and its use-cases also include full access to the platform. The token was previously known as CoinDash and the abbreviation for the Blox token continues to be CDT, despite the rebranding.

Pros and Cons of Blox

Advantages of Blox

The is suitable for a vast variety of clientele ranging from crypto miners to businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. This also allows for different flexible financial plans. The developers of CDT also encourage the community’s help and feedback on the website. 

Disadvantages of Blox

Currently, CDT is represented on a small number of exchanges and needs expanding. There’s a low return on investment indicated for this token. The users are also required to submit personal information on the page so it might not be suitable for the people who want to stay anonymous. There are also no team members’ names mentioned on the website.

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