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What Is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent (BTT) is the native crypto to the eponymous platform that works with the P2P protocol. It offers Internet users access to download various multimedia files. Certainly, it is one of the first platforms that dealt with this sector, and it has been maintained over time. The reason for its creation is related to the possibility of making faster downloads. The cryptocurrency that is linked to this platform is basically used to drive the project. It rewards people who use the application, in order to increase the level of transactions with the cryptocurrency. Thus, BTT also achieves a favorable position in the market and creates an environment where everyone wins. It is a token based on the TRON cryptocurrency protocol which is why BTT is also decentralized.

Pros and Cons of BitTorrent

Advantages of BitTorrent

BTT allows you to earn money just by downloading files. Despite being a relatively young cryptocurrency, it already has an excellent acceptance. What is really special about the BitTorrent ​project is that it offers a real solution when uploading and downloading large files. It must be said that BTT is a pillar of BitTorrent Speed, and without this cryptocurrency, this project could practically not be financed.

Disadvantages of BitTorrent

BTT cannot be mined in any way. The only way to obtain this cryptocurrency is to buy it directly in the application or in the exchanges that work with BTT. If you are looking forward to earning money by sharing broadband, then it will be necessary to acquire the BitTorrent Speed ​​service, which has stable prices and the membership must be paid monthly.

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