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What Is BitShares?

BitShares is a highly functional blockchain platform based on Graphene technology and is open-source in the popular C ++ programming language. BitShares (BTS) cryptocurrency uses blockchain-based software protocols similar to the first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. The BTS token is an exchange token. One of the currency's creators is Charles Hoskinson (CEO of Cardano).

Unlike other platforms, BitShares acts as a multi-functional platform. Trading BTS tokens and their derivatives is just one of the many activities of the project.

Pros and Cons of BitShares

Like any currency, BitShares has its pros and cons. The most significant are considered below: 

Advantages of BitShares crypto

  • High level of protection of users and their financial and intellectual assets from hacker attacks.
  • Unique open-source software. This makes it possible to develop new applications.
  • Elimination of any counterparty risks that arise while working with major financial assets and their derivatives.
  • Popularization and integration of the BitShares blockchain with exchanges and other trading platforms.
  • Fast and versatile payment network. The specificity of BitShares tokens (BTS) allows you to carry out transactions of any volume with a minimum commission and in an extremely short time. Moreover, the system processes about one hundred thousand transactions per second.
  • The limited emission of BitShares is the strength of the platform, as it positively affects the stable value of the token.
  • An official BitShares wallet has been created to store BTS, and it is possible to store other types of cryptocurrencies. There are versions of wallets for both personal computer and Android systems. It is possible to install the wallet program from the official BitShares website.

Disadvantages of BitShares crypto

It may be difficult for a beginner to start mining BitShares. Mining can only be fulfilled by delegates from communities. Any user who has at least a certain amount of BTS tokens in his wallet can become a delegate, provided that other investors vote for him. The delegate is obliged to monitor the signing of transactions and the quality of the BitShares network.

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