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What Is AdEx?

AdEx (ADX) is a token of an innovative project that aims to completely change the world of online advertising through decentralized contracts and smart contracts from Ethereum, tackling big advertising issues with maximum transparency. 

The AdEx blockchain platform token is used internally not only for management but also for trading ad units. Advertisers are able to use it to buy blocks and time for their ads. Network users can create ads and then bid for their impressions (as well as for clicks, subscriptions, purchases, any conversion, and other services). After the ad publisher accepts the offer, the tokens are frozen in the account. When the conditions are met, the platform currency is transferred to the balance of the publisher.  

So far, it is planned that the AdEx platform will use ADX as the main currency and also introduce IOTA and NEO. Certain actions on the network are encouraged through the creation of additional tokens that will be transferred to those who performed these actions. This will keep the demand-driven token inflation slow and keep enough of it in circulation to keep the network healthy and usable.

Pros and Cons of AdEx

Advantages of AdEx

To bring its project to life, AdEx has partnered with big industry names such as Bitmain, Wings, Stremio, and the Fintech Blockchain Group. The expansion of the platform and the attraction of new partners will increase the demand for the token, which will cause an increase in its value. 

Disadvantages of AdEx

However, to make a decision to invest in ADX coin, you need to follow closely the development of the entire project. The future of the AdEx (ADX) cryptocurrency is directly related to the success of the entire advertising exchange project. The idea of an ad-focused cryptocurrency is also not new in itself so AdEx faces quite a number of competitors. Specifically, there’s the notorious BAT which is doing well in the top-100 cryptocurrencies. There are also qChain, adChain, and NYIAX with NASDAQ.

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