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Top 5 Bitcoin Myths Debunked

Despite the fact that Bitcoin has been around for over eleven years and has gained numerous supporters over the course of its existence, there are still multiple misconceptions associated with it, further endorsed even by notorious financial institutions like Golden… Continue Reading →

How to Create an NFT Token?

The NFT craze There probably isn’t a hotter trend in crypto right now than the NFT surge of the last few weeks. Just like in many other trends, a significant amount of celebrities and billionaires have jumped on the boat… Continue Reading →

Which Cryptocurrencies Have the Lowest Transaction Fees?

While cryptocurrencies have been around for a long time, they are still confusing for many people. The less obvious and common concern about cryptocurrencies is the so-called transaction fees that differ from one coin to another and how to find… Continue Reading →

What Is NFT? Non-fungible Tokens Explained

Many call 2021 the year of NFT. We see the evidence of this even outside the crypto world when we hear news about NyanCat being sold or music artists promoting their work and using NFT to monetize it. Even though… Continue Reading →

Top 6 DeFi Exchanges in 2021

Introduction One of the most remarkable moments for the crypto industry in 2020 took place in August, when decentralized exchanges (DEXs) surprised the world with a trading volume growth of 247% with respect to the previous month, while centralized exchanges… Continue Reading →

Wrapped Tokens Explained: What Are Wrapped Tokens and How They Work

Ever wondered whether you can perform operations with cryptocurrency outside of its native blockchain? Unfortunately, you can’t, at least not directly. This inability to migrate crypto assets from one blockchain to another can be considered by some among the most… Continue Reading →

What Are DeFi Liquidity Pools and How Do They Work?

Gone are the days where trading was exclusively done by the order book model, where someone willing to sell would have to find someone willing to buy at the same price for the trade to become successful. The presence of… Continue Reading →

Top 11 Crypto Movies You Need to Watch

Increased public attention to cryptocurrency and the rising popularity of blockchain technology has made crypto a feature of daily lives in the short span of several years.  This has not gone unnoticed by filmmakers, who set out to explore the… Continue Reading →

8 Platforms for Earning Tokens: How to Get Crypto Without Investments?

Unknown to many, there are numerous other ways to get cryptocurrencies, apart from trading and mining which are the most common and straight-forward ones. In any case, it should be clear that no method, however ubiquitous or unique it is,… Continue Reading →

Not Yet the Moon but Stars: Celebrities Promoting Cryptocurrencies

The time-tested method of using celebrity promotions has not gone unnoticed by advertisers and PR specialists from the booming cryptocurrency industry, as recent years saw multiple high-profile athletes, entertainers, and actors being recruited by various crypto-companies to hype up their… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Blockchain-Based Games in 2021

Blockchain-based games offer an attractive opportunity to earn cryptocurrency as you play. Another point that can attract not only crypto enthusiasts but also gamers is the fact that decentralized platforms and games’ connection to cryptocurrency wallets allows the players to… Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Crypto Loan Platform

Crypto lending platforms allow us to take out a loan usually in fiat money or stablecoins and back it up with cryptocurrency. The borrower of the loan has to put up an amount of cryptocurrency higher than the loan as… Continue Reading →

Smart Contracts And Their Mission. Part 2

The history of smart contracts is longer than most of us are inclined to assume. How it all started, who was behind the concept, and what was required to make smart contracts possible in practice – all of that you… Continue Reading →

Smart Contracts And Their Mission

Ever since their inception in 2015 with the launch of the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts have been expanding into new fields and areas. From the illustrious decentralized finance to the management of supply chains and railroads, there is no end… Continue Reading →

What Is DeFi: Decentralized Finance Explained. Part 2

In the first part of this article, we laid the groundwork for better understanding what DeFi fundamentally is and what it is made up of. Now it’s time we went further and examined the actual pearls that it offers at… Continue Reading →

How to Start Staking Now?

The world of crypto offers enthusiasts many passive income options. One of them is staking — an easy way to make the crypto on your wallet bring you profits. In this article, we will explain staking compared to mining and… Continue Reading →

What Is DeFi: Decentralized Finance Explained 

With the increasing interest in stablecoins offered by platforms like MakerDAO and Ampleforth, recently followed by the explosive growth in popularity of such lending services as Aave and Compound, to name a few, decentralized finance, or simply DeFi, stole the… Continue Reading →

How to Find the Best Crypto Rates?

Looking for the best crypto rates? The number of exchange platforms scattered around the net is on a steady rise. With the crypto market constantly fluctuating and the exchanges offering endless new perks and bonuses (while still trying to get… Continue Reading →

What Are Altcoins?

The term “altcoin” is a combination of two words — “alternative” and “coin”. Altcoins were created to overcome all the technical limitations that Bitcoin has. Each cryptocurrency modification release was an attempt to provide users with a more convenient digital… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Oracles: in The Belly of The Beast

Smart contracts made a revolution in the blockchain space on par with the creation of Bitcoin and the invention of blockchain. However, it didn’t take long till this otherwise highly disruptive technology revealed its major weak point. To function properly,… Continue Reading →

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

In times like these, we’re reminded of how precious the invention of Bitcoin is to our modern society. With new money being created on a daily basis, the term inflation is now an understatement. Meanwhile, Bitcoin recently underwent a block… Continue Reading →

Not by Bitcoin Alone: Cryptocurrency Halvings in 2020

One thing that all of the competing cryptocurrencies have in common is the technological aspect. Besides a few projects that developed their own unique form of performing transactions, all projects use blockchain technology. The chain of blocks grows every single… Continue Reading →

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards in 2021

An overwhelming number of businesses worldwide currently accept debit cards as a means of payment. Unfortunately, that’s not the same for cryptocurrency payments, which are still fighting their way to be accepted by merchants. A Bitcoin debit card, however, will… Continue Reading →

What Is the Lightning Network and Why Does It Matter?

Bitcoin transactions have never been the fastest, as they usually take somewhere between a few minutes all the way up to a day. This is because the current capacity of confirmation is just about 7 transactions per second. Meanwhile, digital… Continue Reading →

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