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Value: $ 5
Token: utx

UTRON Defi is developed as a cutting-edge solution for the mining industry. Its mission is to engage passionate individuals and enterprises to access the industrial mining facility more simply than before. Such factors as low-cost green electricity, experienced team, favorable government regulations, and advanced technology solutions make UTRON be one of the most efficient mining operations in the world!



Join Telegram

Join UTRON Bot Telegram. Member registration: +50 UTX (~5 USDT)


Share a referral link

Each referral member registration: +50 UTX (~5 USDT). The referral commission will be locked from withdrawal until the registration numbers reach 10. Earn 10% of direct commission when the referral members purchase UTX during the token sale.


Make a review

Make blog/Facebook/Twitter article reviews of the total project (~300-500 words) (active blog with regularly written articles and active Facebook with more than 200 friends): +200 UTX (20 USDT)


Make a video review

Make YouTube video reviews of the total project (>3 min): +300 UTX (30 USDT)