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Ternoa Token

Value: $ 2
Token: capsulecoin

To celebrate the launch of our application in the store, Ternoa is running an Airdrop campaign until Feb 28, 2021 (or until we use up the pool).Ternoa offers you 5 options that will allowyou to win up to 1000 Capsule Coin tokens!



Install the app

1st Option: Install the Ternoa application and win 300 Capsule Coin tokens.  For Android For iPhones


Keep the app installed

2nd Option: Keep the app installed and win 3 Capsule Coin tokens per day.


Send your Capsules

3rd Option: Send 5 Capsules to your friends and family from your app and win 40 Capsule Coins per new recipient.


Follow on Twitter

4th Option: Follow Ternoa on Twitter and win 100 Capsule Coins.


Retweet the post

5th Option: Retweet or share this post on your social networks and win 100 Capsule Coins.