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Value: $ 60
Token: rally

About Rally Airdrop

Rally Airdrop is worth up to 1200 RALLY tokens (~$60). Share your referral link to earn 300 RALLY tokens (~$15) for every referral. Also, take part in many Rally contests to get even more RALLY tokens performing easy social actions. 

About Rally Cryptocurrency

Rally is a blockchain based marketplace where users are rewarded by advertisers to share content and join communities. Rally combines concepts from traditional word-of-mouth and influencer marketing with gamification and tactics that have build cryptocurrencies and their communities. Rally is dedicated to attributing fair value to content sharing, putting power back in the individual's hands.



Download the Rally app

Register for the Rally Airdrop, by downloading the App available on Google play and App Store (+500 RALLY).


Verify the account

Open the App, create an account and verify your email and phone number.


Sync your socials

Earn more RALLY: sync your social accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and earn 100 RALLY each (Optional).


Follow Rally's socials

Follow Rally's social channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and the Rally app and earn 50 RALLY each (Optional).


Share your referral link

Share your referral link to earn additional 300 RALLY tokens for every referral who completes the registration process and a percentage of the reward for anyone your friend refers. Several influencers have earned 500,000+ RALLY (Optional).


Take part in contests

Click on ''Contests'' and take part in many Rally contests to get even more RALLY tokens (Optional).


Find help

Need help? Ask an Admin on Rally's Telegram channel.