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Value: $ 72
Token: nvzn

About NVZN Airdrop

Our Airdrop Campaign is Live!Earn up to 8 NVZN ($7.2) for easy social tasks and 1.5 NVZN ($1.35) for every validated friend you refer. In order to be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform at least the mandatory tasks and submit their data to the bot.

About NVZN Token

NVZN Token is blockchain’s ability to give unbreakable lifecycle tracking of waste, which will be useful when providing audit and accountability, with government regulators, and to create a token that is helping solve the energy problem by helping fund green energy projects. Creating a domino effect of ease, for multiple world controversies such as climate change, seismic activity, etc.

Investors of NVZN will be able to assist in NVZN in the funding of Green renewable energy projects, from startups to existing renewable energy companies.



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