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Guang Game

Value: $ 10
Token: tazchip

About Guang Game Airdrop

Guang Game Airdrop is worth ~$10 of TAZchip tokens.

About Guang Game 

Guang Game offers a variety of card games based on the EOS blockchain. Players can enjoy fun and fair games on a safe and verifiable platform through the blockchain. Guang Game aims to leverage the strength of the EOS blockchain to build a platform where game developers and gamers can thrive together. Their goal is to lead the blockchain games market by releasing games that are not only fun, but also effective in solving the main problems experienced by conventional online game platforms, such as platform limitations, token price instability and low credibility.TAZ is a security token and TAZchips are utility tokens. Users can play the games by purchasing TAZ chips, which can be bought with EOS or TAZ. 



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Join Guang Game on Telegram.


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Submit your EOS wallet and other details to the airdrop form. You will receive ~$10 worth of TAZchip tokens.