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Crust Network

Value: 375000
Token: cru

Crust Network Airdrop is worth 100,000 CRU tokens (~$ 375,000) in total to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Profit Ark Incentivized Testnet. 100,000 CRU Candies are up for grabs, so be quick!

About Crust Network

Crust Network provides a decentralized cloud storage network of Web3 ecosystem. It supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS and FastDFS. Crust's technical stack is also capable of supporting a decentralized computing layer. It is designed to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership.Crust network is an unlimited horizontally expandable peer-to-peer network, where nodes can freely enter and exit. This chapter will brief Crust network from the perspective of Crust nodes, Crust network construction, as well as Crust technology architecture.On October 22, the Crust Network team joined Cointelegraph online AMA with the topic of “Web3.0 Vision, Polkadot and Web3.0 Technology Stack Progress Measurement”.



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